Thursday, April 19, 2007

Movies! Movies! Movies!

Since becoming a "Lonely Guy", I've found increasing solace in attending movies. It's escapism for sure and I anxiously await its waning, but this week there's finally some crap that I'm excited to see (as opposed to thing's like "The Shooter" and "Dead Silence" that have plagued my debit card statements recently). So I present to you "A List of Movies That David Would Be Happy To See With You This Weekend And Into Next Week"!!! Music, please!

Hot Fuzz!!! - A cop movie from the guys who made that little gem, "Shaun of the Dead. I predict this won't be as good as Shaun and that it's packaged in a way to make it seem more like a satire than it is. Let's see it!

Fracture!!! - A law thriller that looks like it might have some legitimate class and fresh approach. With Anthony Hopkins & Ryan Gosling. Let's see it!

The Long Goodbye!!! - Robert Altman directs Elliott Gould as Phillip Murlowe (playing at Film Forum). Between it coming up as a Netflix suggestion, the Gould Village Voice cover, and finally seeing "The Oh Hello Show", I feel like I have to see this. Let's see it!

Vacancy!!! - Finally, we'll get to see a movie where Luke Wilson has to change his expression. It's a horror movie for heaven's sakes. The plot? Something about a non-magical non-Japanese video tape (aka regular) that a couple finds in a motel that shows people being killed in their room. And then they see the hidden cameras... Let's see it!

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Doruk said...

Next - The new Nicolas Cage classic. How come no one wanted to see this? I bet it's awesome. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD! How does this application know my name? I never signed up for it. Yours truly, Anonymous.