Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dead Disco - The Treatment (Metronomy Remix)

As much as I love a good twitch remix, restraint's always a nice surprise. Transforming the synth-tweaked bar stomp of the original into a skitter-step bass led, glitch backed piece of tense dancefloor pop that ends far too quickly regardless of how much ground it covers, Metronomy obliterates his source material that comes courtesy of Dead Disco, taking the vocal track and running with it wherever he likes. The result is a rare amalgamation that pulls from an eclectic pool of sound styles feeding it all into an entrancing powerhouse that somehow finds room for both rave and pop flourishes without feeling muddled. With this one track, Metronomy might as well be submitting his production resume to every major indie female vocalist from M.I.A. to Karen O to Annie, and if we all keep a hawk-eyed watchout for shooting stars, maybe he'll get to do 'em all.

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