Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Go Find - Dictionary

How rare is it that you find yourself craving more of the verse? Initially striking me as so saccharin I thought I'd never fess up to liking it, I went so far as to keep this song at a 3 star rating in iTunes, just in case someone borrowed my iPod. But honestly, those stars keep growing on me. And with the Peter Bjorn and John album worn to rags thanks to a cross country roadtrip, The Go Find give me one more blast based on a more restrained version of that same sound. There's a perfectionist attitude here that makes the love song sentiments that much more pained. Where raw emotion frees, hearing a heart held back for the sake of hitting the right note grips whatever sonic center directly affects mood and forces it to ride the melody that's been tweaked until it packs in all the relationship breaking failures as concisely as possible. We rarely feel as free as our music, so it's nice to have something as held back as we are to empathize with sometimes. Also, it's catchy.


Chris Camp said...

don't worry dude - this song is pretty good.

i had the same feeling of embarrassment when someone had discovered that I had given Britney Spears Toxic 4 stars on my ipod. I can't help it though, so so catchy. annnd sexy!

Steve said...

really great posts so far Dave. i'm making this one a regular read (and I haven't been keeping up with blogs as much as I used to). really liking that Go Find song.