Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Franz & Shape - Countach

For the folks that are salivating for more Kavinsky like he's salivating for brains from the eighties, here's the next best thing; Franz & Shape. While this Italian duo don't bring the terror like our zombie friend, they may very well have been what Kav' was listening to right before his fabled crash. "Countach"'s high detail dancefloor production and jerky bass quickly cast it as an evil twin to Alan Braxe & Fred Falke's "Rubicon". And like "Rubicon", "Countach" sends your mind to the discotheque with little regard to what the rest of you is doing. Colored strobes, fog machines, fabric-rippling bass, somehow it all fits between a pair of headphones. Under the right conditions, anything with a beat will make people dance, but when it's 8am on your Monday commute and despite waiting for 11 minutes for a train that end's up being overcrowded you still feel the urge to cut loose with the stranger to your left, that's special. Basically, if you see me at a party throw this on; I'll get your next drink.

1 comment:

hemlock said...

If Kavinsky's zombie started dancing, Thriller-style, this would be the soundtrack.