Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slim Thug - Playa You Don't Know

Slim Thug
Was this song popular and I just missed it? From way back in 2005, Slim Thug laces a Neptunes' beat that could have slipped onto Hell Hath No Fury without ruffling too many feathers. Slim Thug's strength lies in commanding choruses, and this is a great example, proving that "Wamp Wamp" was really as easy as it sounds. Lyrically...well let's just say it might have been better to save the track for Hell Hath, but he doesn't ruin it by any means, which just leaves me wondering how this slipped through the cracks? Or did it go to number one while I was hiding out in Nova Scotia?


c said...

urgh, kinda a waste of a decent beat. At least Pharell stays away from the mic for the most part -- something he doesn't do on those Clipse records.

David said...

C, who are you?

Anonymous said...

willie liked maurice liked
nathan does not like the n word

c said...

nobody you know - driven here from the Orange Drink forums, friend of Hemlock