Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Metronomy - Trick or Treatz

Garnering comparisons to LCD/DFA-er James Murphy for making electronic music that plays nice with pop, Joseph Mount (aka Metronomy) keeps his funk subdued and his vocals choppy on one of the best tracks from his mostly solid and nicely varied debut, (big breath in) Pip Paine (Pay Back The £5000 You Owe) (exhale). Remorseful music tends to touch me the deepest, and this song does it with a soft touch that seems to result from the delicate combo of its frail, digitally-wavering singing and its extra bass line that comes in for the grippingly addictive chorus. It's one of my favorite kind of songs, the kind that makes you wish your commute was a little longer just to see more of the world pass you by in time to the music.

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