Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On a Precipice

Apologies for two missed posts. Excuse: Visiting in Illinois. Highlights: Symphonies and state parks. Lowlights: Flight delays and spitting homeless men on subways (again).

When I left New York, airport televisions were filled with Imus and Duke lacrosse stories. On return, Virginia Tech killings filled the same spot. I've been out of touch with the tube, but the degree to which tragedy has become little more than a commodity in the eyes of airwave personnel surprised. They treat the number of dead as if its primary importance came from its place in the Guinness book, craving something they can call a national disaster. They've become so used to making the mundane massive that they're unable to handle the massive with anything more. It all feels out of focus, heartless, and cheap.

Oh yeah, and a music blog.



Mike Love said...

hey - fun stuff Dave. new music is a good thing.

out of curiosity what are your likes/dislikes with imeem?

David said...

thanks Mike.
likes: easy to use
dislikes: someday they'll take down the music and annoying playlist manager

asif said...

This is my favorite entry so far. I love all of these tracks (esp. The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack...right up my alley).

I would compare my feelings to the grateful mother who just got her baby plucked from a burning building by a flying superhero.