Friday, March 30, 2007

Skream - Dutch Flowerz

Perhaps riding elevated trains by night-clad apartment buildings is the perfect setting for a dubstep soundtrack, my guess is rainy afternoons would do just as well, but whatever the cause, this evening's trial session with Skream was quite the success. Each solid track made way for another, and while I'm not done with the album, it doesn't mean I can't share a gem. While many of the tracks grabbed me with their detailed sound production over solid bounces, "Dutch Flowerz" came at me from somewhere else entirely. With its relaxed dub bass line and simple keyboard rhythm providing a calm and centering backbone, Skream provides a way for the different flourishes to push the tone in varying directions without ever feeling like the song's gotten too far off track. It's a train of thought; if you focused on the different places you've been they might feel disparate, but when taken as a journey it's an unbreakable whole. Like I said, maybe that elevated train really did do the trick. My only wish is that it went on a bit longer. But even if I never find that extended mix I'm dreaming of, I'll always have "repeat".

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